The Event Life cycle

 When an event isn’t just an event.

Events have been part of the PR services mix ever since the concept of public relations began.

Having people gather to discuss an issue, listen to a presentation, panel or speech, while also having networking time, is vital.  We are social beings and we all enjoy getting together with peers, associates and friends.

However, an event is not just an event, and has a communications life cycle attached to it, including:

  • Pre-event: blogs, news articles, personal invitation, social media, email updates
  • During the event: social media and live feeds
  • Post-event: thank you emails to attendees, updates to other invitees, news release summarising event, posting content from event, social media recaps

Similar to a product life cycle, communication in support of an event will grow and then peak at the time of the event, and then subside after, then to be replaced by communication about the next event or initiative.

PR - Bill Gates

This continuous cycle aims to grow long term engagement with the community of people who are interested in your organisation and area of expertise.

PR is dead.  Long live PR.

A few years ago, there was a lot of discussion in New Zealand about the changes to traditional media and the threat to public relations.  Digital agencies blossomed and PR seemed to have been left in the lurch.

Now, nothing could be further from the truth.  

With an ever changing and burgeoning communications landscape the role of PR is growing constantly, infiltrating different channels and becoming central to all delivery of messages and stories.  

It’s not what it used to be, and that is a good thing.  To maximise PR’s value it just needs different thinking.


Jonathan Tudor | Public Relations

Jonathan Tudor  | Director

I was introduced once as: “here’s the person I was talking about who’s been in PR forever.”  Tongue in cheek, yes, but fairly accurate - let’s say more than 20 years and less than 30.

No grass has grown under my shoes, in that time.  I’ve worked with PR celebrities and the occasional magician, in the UK, Middle East and New Zealand, and for several world leading agencies.

I’ve served countless well-known brands and businesses, in an eclectic range of industries, worked as an independent consultant and established an agency with a difference, Storicom.  Throughout, my passion has been the importance of service, informing and being precise.

The renaissance currently underway for PR is its most significant evolution - communication has become an ever-present management tool to drive a business in the direction it wants to go.  I’m committed to helping people achieve this.

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