Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Identifying Valuable & Creative Ways To Get Your Business Where It Needs To Be - By Augmenting Your Sales and Marketing Processes with Technology


What is Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is using technology to augment and automate the repetitive marketing tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions.

Some businesses like automation when looking to be more responsive, or avoid human error, or simply reduce overhead.  Others look to give their customers the best possible customer journey.

If you’re a marketing professional with too many hats & too few hands then the sound of automating a portion of your marketing activities is oh so sweet.

Automate your blog publishing

Publishing blog articles onto your website is still one of the best way to be found when your buyers are sourcing solutions for their problems.  It’s pretty obvious to most that the more blogs you publish the more often your content will get found in the search engines.

But to achieve high traffic volumes (like 3.5 times the norm) means producing a significant number of blogs.  Automation comes into its own here - as you can write multiple blogs for your current or future campaign and then schedule those blogs to publish themselves at the appointed times.

An extra hand when you need it most!

Automate your social media publishing

The average business has 4 or more different social media accounts.  And each account has its own nuances on how to engage with your audience.

And it can very quickly become challenging to not only keep each account updated but also monitor who likes who and said what.

The ability to pre-plan your social posts for a month or maybe a quarter in advance, and schedule them to automatically publish while having one dashboard to review results is automation doing the heavy lifting for you.

Automate your lead nurturing programmes

If the above two points were “nice-to-haves” then marketing automation was built for this purpose.  Too many businesses are running around New Zealand with sizeable traffic volumes, but very few leads to show for their efforts.

Combine the facts that the average B2B buyer is already 57 percent through the purchase decision before engaging a supplier sales rep AND their total mind share of you as a supplier across the entire B2B purchase path is roughly 12 percent - and you can see why.

Once you have determined what the ideal lead is for your business using a lead qualification matrix, you’ll have a good idea on what attributes and actions they need to demonstrate as a signal ahead of becoming a customer.

Effective lead nurturing generates 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost.”

Develop a lead nurturing programme to engage with and address the problems and pains your prospects are experiencing now, and the promise of a better outcome your solution provides.  This is achieved by using a series of automated emails to foster interaction and can be supplemented with specific re-targeting ads to emphasise brand authority.

An effective nurturing process actively moves the prospects you’ve created through your marketing and lead generation efforts, through a sales development process to the point where they become paying customers.  Lead nurturing utilises both marketing and sales tactics to increase the predictability and velocity of revenue growth.

Marketing automation uses workflows with rules that govern the nature and the timing of follow-up emails based on the specific actions and behaviour of each website visitor, allowing you to progressively engineer more sales-ready leads over time.

We Can Help With:

Depending on what you’re looking to achieve with marketing automation will determine the level of specialist skills you need to help deliver the wins you’re after.  We can help with:

 - Marketing automation strategy development and execution

- Customer journey planning 

- Content strategy development

- Consultancy services on the HubSpot platform

- And we can boast 5 star reviews for the work we do!


Sean Hofer

Sean Hofer  | Director

Sean is an earnest sales & marketing strategist with a desire for optimising outcomes. As a director at Storicom, Sean helps businesses start and strengthen customer relationships through digital strategies and services.

He brings a wealth of experience, helping companies use the Internet to generate sales-ready leads since 2002, a journey that includes being the GM Sales & Marketing of Adfero (now Axxon Media) in the UK and more recently the Digital Channel Manager at Yellow NZ.

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