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Inbound Marketing

Engineered To Grow Sales

Engineered To Grow Your Sales

From managers to marketers, ‘How do I boost sales?’ is a question that’s likely to keep you up at night.  And manufacturing marketing teams are no different.  In fact,’s annual research report found recently that the biggest challenge teams faced in 2017 was a lack of qualified leads.

So, how do you grow sales?

This is a particularly loaded question for industrial companies, as they’re often dealing with discerning clients who are driven more by a fear of failure and a desire to avoid risk at any cost.

The solution?

As it turns out, generating more sales isn’t the problem: it’s a symptom that finds its cause before your prospective customers even make initial contact.

Generating leads is one thing, but generating the right, sales-ready leads is another entirely.  For too long, the industrial sector has relied on word of mouth and past / repeat clients to guarantee future sales, but that’s a finite well that’s fast running dry.


Engineered To Grow Sales

Traditional marketing methods like these don’t help.  They hurt and hinder.  They also clog up the sales funnel with unqualified leads that cost your business time and money.  Advertising has changed.  The idea that no one buys your products or services after seeing an advert on Google or reading a piece of content on a blog is a fossil of a philosophy. 

Modern marketing is technology led and internet driven, and it’s a transition most any business will need to make if they’re hoping to increase those all important sales.

So how does Inbound Marketing help?

The quality of your leads and sales pipeline is only ever as good as the messaging that drove those leads in the first place.  If your business can fix its messaging, you’ll fix your leads, and in turn increase your sales.

The formula for success may sound simple, but executing it effectively can be difficult. Particularly if your business is only just making - or considering - a transition into modern marketing.  The connection between online enquiries received and sales made can be a difficult line to draw, especially if the leads your site generates vary greatly in both quantity and quality.

The question for your company then is what leads do you need? Or, rather, which leads will result in the sales growth you demand?

Catching only qualified leads can prove difficult, but Inbound Marketing alleviates the pressure with proven processes that can hugely improve your marketing outcomes and your company’s ability to increase sales.

It finds success where others fail by starting at the beginning, and working out what it is that makes someone a good fit for your services.  As well as which actions highlight that they’re sales ready.  In engineering and manufacturing circles, for example, prospects with a budget and time frame are more than likely already lost to another vendor.  Through identifying these parameters, you can qualify leads based on authority and need, and increase the time that sales reps spend with qualified buyers.

Here’s 5 ways Inbound Marketing builds better leads

  • It creates a cohesive business presence online so your website is communicating a strong brand presence long before customers strike up communication.
  • It earn the awareness and trust needed to nurture first-time visitors into sales-ready leads.
  • It increases the time that sales spends with qualified buyers.
  • It updates and automates traditionally time-intensive tasks such as email marketing via Newsletters which nurture leads through the sales cycle across the long-term.

This is why Inbound marketing remains one of the strongest sales development tools if used correctly.  Its combination of the internet, Google, and other digital media creates a system that nurtures first-time visitors into sales-ready leads and ensures your business is present at every stage of the sales process.

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The Power of Inbound

Whether it’s a eBook, Blog, or Webinar, Inbound Marketing’s focus on creating relevant, customer focused content strategically positions your company as a resource.

The kind of content that educates near-clients, improves their decision making capabilities, and increases their confidence.

It also manufacturers your online brand awareness and ensures your business is communicating who you are - and what you know - before your customers even make initial contact.  All in an effort to support the sales process.  

With the power of Inbound, your business can reach a broad audience and quickly ramp up lead generation efforts with the power of technology and automated processes ensuring you can do more, with less.  By catching qualified leads early in the process, you’ll make a world of difference to your marketing outcomes and your ability to increase sales.