Storicom helps you tell your story using public relations across all different forms of media.

When told clearly to the right people, through the right channels, you will engage an audience, build your community, develop understanding, change behaviours, support your reputation and grow sales.

Every company has become its own media company - and communication has become a management tool to drive your business, in the direction you want to take it.

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What we do - the MAC


We help develop your story to support your business goals.  Used effectively communication drives your business in the direction you want to take it.


We identify those you need to reach - your community - they may be customers, influencers, journalists, commentators, public organisations, such as NGOs and Government.


We use the best ways to connect your message with the audience, including: online, print and broadcast media, social channels, database and email marketing and content.

Relationships - this is our business, whether media, internal, external stakeholder, Government or influencer, we build these where you need them MOST.

Strategy - ensuring your messages, narratives and stories are right, identifying your audiences and the best channel to reach them. 

Content - digital, social, or shared, every company is now its own media company - we build your influence in your community.   

B2B - copy-writing, newsletters, EDMs, database comms, sharing your news, views, opinions to key business contacts.   

Media training -media interviews are inevitable - we prepare you to control the conversation, so you can communicate your messages. 

Issues and crisis - planning for and the management of, as they arise to protect your people, business and reputation. 

Project management - we will look after your events, campaigns and projects, from branding, creative ideas and reporting

We work with great organisations 

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The CAT Tourniquet being used in a simul

The Stop the Bleed campaign was launched in April 2019 to raise public awareness about life threatening severe bleeding after an accident - we managed the media launch for Pharmaco Emergency Care, including support from the Medical Director for St John.  Coverage included The AM Show, general and healthcare media, and industry media in high risk sectors.  Pharmaco is the distributor for the Combat Action Tourniquet (CAT) in New Zealand and Australia.