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We partner with NZ companies to help them achieve their brand awareness and sales goals through digital marketing and PR strategy and services.

We help develop and implement the strategies and tactics that will help them attract the right kind of visitor to their website, convert those visitors into leads, and nurture them to a sales ready stage.

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Strong relationships have always been the cornerstone in complex industrial sales.  What has changed is how those relationships start.

This guide will help manufacturing, engineering and emerging tech businesses to develop brand authority and grow customer relationships via media and online channels.

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We characterise our culture as straight up and motivated by a deep seated desire to deliver a superior outcome.
"An absolute pleasure to work with!"

Jonathan collaborates on strategy and always delivers on execution.  From speech writing, case studies, press releases and white papers, Storicom delivers and the stories always get noticed!  He lifted our social media presence and interactions ten-fold!

Jodi Mitchell
Jodi Mitchell
"Great set up and support!"

Sean and Jonathan have been working with Beyond Performance for the last year, having supported us through the transition from a basic CRM to the more sophisticated HubSpot tool.  This has allowed us to manage our sales and marketing processes much more effectively.

Sean has been amazing at helping us understand how to use HubSpot for best effect, as well as making lots of things work in the background!  He's been patient and has taken away the minor and major challenges we faced and made them easy or a non-entity!

I'd definitely recommend the team to anyone looking to automate and simplify their channel engagement.

Clare Parkes - Beyond Performance
Clare Parkes
"Value of good PR!"

I have had the pleasure of working with Jonathan for the last 5 years.  I have learnt through him the value of good public relations - the way to tell the true story!  Jonathan is someone I trust to say and do the ‘right thing’.

Chandra Selvadurai
Chandra Selvadurai
"Hubspot Gurus!"

Storicom has been an immense help to Wise Ones with Hubspot, initially the set up phase and then the ongoing development and maintenance of HS.

As a start up there was a lot of time and effort required and we also had a tight timeframe.  We had many elements to take into consideration with our workflow automations, and we appreciated that Sean would highlight when things were not working but better still, offer a solution.

Once we were a bit more established we then had training with Sean that helped us then take over the day to day management of Hubspot. Really grateful for all the effort Storicom put in to help us get off the ground, thank you!

Wise Ones
Peta Durmegue
"Expert in Business Communication!"

“Storicom plans stories to share with the media, and also turns them into blogs to use in Dynamo6’s content marketing.  It’s their unique mix of skills and knowledge that make them so valuable. Jonathan is an expert in PR, with a solid foundation in the tech industry, and knows just what stories to pitch.”

Igor Matich
Igor Matich
"Thanks Sean!!"

We had Sean from Storicom helping us with the set up of HubSpot for Taurus Management Limited.  We currently manage a number of syndicates across New Zealand.

We have a lot of investor details in Excel spreadsheets, which means a lot of data.  Sean made the transition from Excel to HubSpot a quick and easy process!

He was very informative and patient (with me in particular), and was very happy to answer any question big or small that either Andrew or myself had.  Thank you very much :)

Amy T
Amy Throsby
"Knows his stuff, and a pleasure to work with!"

Sean has been fantastic assisting the team at Nomos One to create a webinar based sales funnel to drive rapid growth and scaling.  He's highly competent, offers extremely valuable and insightful advice, keeps his promises, goes the extra distance, and is a delight to work with.  What more could I ask for?

Lisa McCarthy, Nomos One
Lisa McCarthy
Business Communication Success | Storicom

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